Thursday, June 20, 2019

Moving to the new blog

I lover Blogger, cross my heart I do.  It's like good old shoes. It gives you much, you have an audience, statistics, even some marketing tools, and SSL. But one day you realize that all those facilities are restrictions. Very awkward WSWYG editor, strange templates (especially if you dealt with the new generations like Jinja or Handlebars), twisted integration support, no AMP.
And even worse, I don't feel that Google really cares about Blogger. They just have forgotten about it, and one day when they remember it would be gone as it's sibling Google Reader.

Well, my friend and I have started the new standalone site. The theme is the same - all around IT, with the bias toward the Oracle. Due extremely high loads on main projects posts will be rather irregular,  But the good news there are two authors, so at least you could expect a bit more.

My first piece on the new platform Oracle 18c XE on Linux Mint