Tuesday, September 26, 2017

SOA is so Groovy

Recently, I have tested and debugged Web Service and to automate test & compare cases I've used good ol' Groovy script activity in the SoapUI TestCase. Coincidentally, I've worked on the PoC where SOA Suite standard features don't fit well project terms. Can't say I've dreamed it, rather napped after a lunch break: "What if I can melt SOA and Groovy? There is a lang:groovy element available in the SpringBean activity descriptor". Follow me and I show you how to deliver the modern functional language to your SOA composites.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

SOA 12c JavaScript: Shaken, not stirred

Have you ever faced XML/XPath limitations? I bet you have. Mostly it's related to the string manipulations. Parsing, complex replacements, regular expressions, array transformations, I don't even start about math or anything else, that every modern language has out of the box. In the Oracle SOA world, you are moaning and pull Java Embedded Activity to the process, every time when you need something like that.

Sure you could use Java string operations in XSLT but it means you should create XSLT document for that matter. SOA 12c is a game changer. With the native JSON support, it brings you JavaScript.
The question "Can I use JavaScript with my XML data?" has the answer: " Yes, You can!".