Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Github: unexpected news

It's a great day for me. It's turned out that someone uses my Github repositories.
While ago I've created an Oracle-free version of FOP servlet for Apex application reports. The reason why I've created the code was simple. Naturally, I've blogged all the details and it's one of the most visited publications of mine. At the same time, servlet repository has not been used at all or I used to think so. Now I know that at least one more person, who has found this project useful. Please meet Roger Pilkey, who is so kind that he has adopted my doodles and developed new servlet for the latest Apache FOP version.
After such unexpectable and invaluable input, I have to upgrade project itself.  The major changes are:
  • Project structure has been reconfigured to use with the Apache Maven 
  • JSP page uses the latest FOP code to generate PDF response
  • Lifted index.html (with a brief description and sample form to test application)
  • Updated with some project information. 
I guess it's hard to find the Apex installation with no Oracle REST Database Services installed, but if you are the happy owner of such system - you may find it useful. 

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