Sunday, June 11, 2017

Regular expressions? Check that tool.

I'm playing with the small pet. I'm sure it will not grow big, just a trinket to shake off rust fro the joints. Anyway, I need to develop some sophisticated regular expression, where I'm a total nub.
My good old Notepad++ has regexp plugin, NetBeans has a plugin, and you always could hit  Ctrl+Shift+I and run browser debugger for the same purpose. The thing is, none of it will explain to you what this spell does and why:


Hey! we have the internet, and someone has solved the same problem already; just google it.
Behold the ultimate RegEx tool:

The site is awesome, look at this screen: It's a pro-scale RegeEx IDE.
Explanations, tips, parsing results, code generators for the most common languages, and debugger, Carl! Regex Debugger!

I love this site. 

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