Monday, August 03, 2015

W10. I'm all set

For the last few weeks my laptop has got more updates then  my LG G3.

Recently I've updated Virtual box to the new 5.0 release. I love VirtualBox. It's lightweight, cross-platform, easy to use and now (at least!) it supports USB 3.0.  Even better now you can run guest system in detached or background mode. It's not a killer feature, but if you have more than one system it's great relief (I know that VMware server does it for ages).

  Next, I've my system to Windows 10 . I could say only WOW, yep in capital. It's fast, sharp looking, and seamless. I've never ever had such system upgrade experience form Microsoft.Every single device were detected and installed properly. Every program was saved and ready for use. The only one exception - Skype, I have to get new version and install it, but I don't mind, because now I have one application.

The only cloud on my sunny sky: Pristine new VirtualBox had not detected any USB devices on my shiny Windows 10. I've went through all guest systems and reinstalled and updated addons. I've updated all guest system (I know it doesn't help with host, but it's a good reason) and changed USB configuration. I've reinstalled extension pack.
I've googled and binged around (Btw, new browser is amazing) with no luck.
Well,  if you can't find any meaning results but SMM posts and virus traps, it means - no one has this issue but you. I've checked Virtual Box service logs and found several entries like this one:

00:00:52.291557   WARNING [COM]: aRC=E_FAIL (0x80004005) aIID={afca788c-4477-787d-60b2-3fa70e56fbbc} aComponent={HostWrap} aText={Could not load the Host USB Proxy Service (VERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND). The service might not be installed on the host computer}, preserve=true  aResultDetail=1

Well I've checked vboxdrv service and it seems to be fine, but it's not. Long story short - I've uninstall extension pack and uninstall VirtualBox completely. Of course after fresh installation all my devices have returned from non existence.

I don't blame Microsoft or Oracle. they have done a great job -  It's a Windows baby.

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