Monday, January 26, 2015

One with Apex Application

Final stage of long history is there. I love Oracle APEX, it's my first choice for POC applications, SOA composite facades or for old-fashioned application simulation.  Of course there is a lot of options for applet deployments, from J2EE servers to palin HTML pages on web serer.
  1. Create new application and add blank page. So our new secured application will have 2 pages.

  2. Open new page for edit and add new HTML Text region. 
  3. Open click on new region for change parameters.

  4. Put text below into Region Source field

    <applet codebase="" archive="simpleapplet.jar" code="com.mmikhail.oldsystems.SimpleApplet"  height="200" width="500" align="middle">This browser does not support Applets.</applet>
  5. Save changes and run page. Enter your application credentials on login page

  6. As soon as you click "Login" button you will see warning message

    This warning is about OCSP responder information:

    security: Obtain certificate collection in SSL Root CA certificate store

    security: Failing over to CRLs: Certificate does not specify OCSP responder
    security: Revocation Status Unknown
    You may never see it if your certificates contain OCSP responder info. However you have another option: Switch certificate and TLS check to CRL only in Java Advanced Configuration.

  7. Next message is informational and let you know about Application. Publisher and allowed locations from our manifest header.

Click run and you will see apple code on Apex 10g page.

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