Friday, January 30, 2015

EM GC 12c OMS repository switch

If you have plans to scale your Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c installation. On of the ways to improve performance and increase availability is migrate repository form single instance database to Real Application Cluster.
Database reconfiguration is incredibly simple with rconfig utility. Instructions are simple and you may use documentation or a numerous posts about.

I'd like to share some tips about the very last steps in situation when you can't have both database up together (in my case - single instance became a cluster node). you still can use emctl utility even when old repository is not available..

1. Open additional terminal window and start AdminServer from command line  
It will throw a loot of error messages about JPS database availability, just keep it going  until server will not be in RUNNING state. From main terminal window run $OMS_HOME/bin/emctl to modify database connection as normal.

2. OMS interprets  database connection only as host:port:sid. It doesn't work for database services (unless you are going to use the connection to the single instance). For SCAN connection I used service descriptor. Sample command and parameters are below:

[oracle@host]$ $OMS_HOME/bin/emctl config oms -store_rpos_details -repos_conndesc \


3. Service Descriptor is standard SQL*Net format with some restrictions (at least on Linux platforms):
  • Descriptor is enclosed in double quotes. 
  • Descriptor doesn't contain spaces. 
After command execution just stop AdmiServer in the second terminal with Ctrl-Break and start Grid Control normally.

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