Thursday, June 20, 2019

Moving to the new blog

I lover Blogger, cross my heart I do.  It's like good old shoes. It gives you much, you have an audience, statistics, even some marketing tools, and SSL. But one day you realize that all those facilities are restrictions. Very awkward WSWYG editor, strange templates (especially if you dealt with the new generations like Jinja or Handlebars), twisted integration support, no AMP.
And even worse, I don't feel that Google really cares about Blogger. They just have forgotten about it, and one day when they remember it would be gone as it's sibling Google Reader.

Well, my friend and I have started the new standalone site. The theme is the same - all around IT, with the bias toward the Oracle. Due extremely high loads on main projects posts will be rather irregular,  But the good news there are two authors, so at least you could expect a bit more.

My first piece on the new platform Oracle 18c XE on Linux Mint

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Ansible: Connect as a different person.

About a month ago, I published a post about privilege escalation. Well, I should say it wasn't the right approach. Or better put it this way: it's only an option. I have had several discussions with the Unix & Ansible gurus and have chosen the better approach: authentication with the public key.
Here are a few points why I've changed my mind.

Thursday, September 06, 2018

Ansible: How to become a different person

I'm not going waste my breath to tell you about gorgeous ansible tool. With some efforts, it may help even old-school Oracle administrators and architects. The ansible is the total novelty for me, however learning curve is not steep, and even tiny virtual machine and community edition will open you the whole new world of YML (which I decipher as Yet Another XML), Y2 templates, and playbooks.
When I've done with a series of a "Hello world!" examples, I run into first of the real world issues. In the distilled examples, you have full access to the privileged account, like root password or you have passwordless sudo access to run commands and shell scripts. In reality, you have the only option: switch to the elevated user.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Lett's meet in Cleveland, OH!

Excited to announce I’m a featured presenter at #GLOCCLE. If you are in a proximity, join us to learn and share. More details could be found at